Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021: How Auto Advertisers Can Build an Informed Campaign Strategy Using Past & Present Trends

When Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around each year, consumers turn their attention to the best deals – this is no exception in the automotive sector.

Discover how vehicle buyers are changing their purchasing habits, adopting new technologies, and reacting to creatives and media formats.

We’re going to show how you can get started today, including:

Our 2020
trends & Predictions

Our research found that electric vehicles were a huge readership trend in 2020 – with Tesla attracting the highest pageviews compared to other brands.

While their pageviews were not as grand or consistently trending as Tesla’s, we did find there was a lot of interest in U.S. automakers over international brands – particularly when they made announcements on their new cars or discussed plans for electric vehicles (E.V.s). Ford’s E.V. Mustang made a splash when the electric version of this famous sports car was revealed.

Nearly 30% of U.S. new car sales last year were completed online last year, according to Alan Haig, an automotive retail consultant and president of Haig Partners. Before the pandemic, less than 2% of vehicles were purchased digitally.

Huge Gains for

prime day

While Amazon hasn’t yet started selling cars, there are plenty of deals to be found for car enthusiasts during their Prime Day sales events. Although Black Friday has always traditionally been the biggest sales day of the year for retailers, Amazon’s Prime Day sale, which takes place in the summer, is becoming a rival for shoppers’ budgets.

Prime Day may be an Amazon-only event, but other big retailers are taking notice and running their own competitive sales events around the same time. Therefore, it’s a great moment to sell spare parts, detailing supplies, and car accessories.

What We Predict Will Be Popular This Year

With production issues and supply shortages on 2021 models, we are already seeing many auto brands pushing their 2022 vehicles. We predict that there will be a major push to sell 2022 models (as long as the availability of chips increases as the year goes on) to make up for the lost revenue in 2021.

Another trend for the U.S. automotive sector we’ve seen this year and predict will continue to be popular is used car buying. With car production on new models struggling due to supply problems and people increasingly want to avoid public transport, used cars have been in high demand, with prices steadily increasing for older models.

Driverless car technology is finally starting to hit the mainstream in 2021. Google’s Waymo subsidiary has been running a driverless car ride-hailing service in Phoenix, Arizona, with this technology gearing up to spread to other major American cities. Amazon is in the game, too, with its company Zoox producing a driverless car aimed at the taxi market.

News Trends for Black Friday in the Automotive Category

So far in 2021, traffic is inevitably high for the category terms such as “cars,” but there are some clear winners from the car brands, with Dodge and Tesla standing out from the crowd. Elon Musk’s personal brand and the interest in electric vehicles help to drive Tesla’s popularity.

Taboola Publishers That Support These Trends

it still runs

It Still Runs:

Why Are Electric Cars Better for the Environment?

Dirt Rider

Dirt Rider:

Tips For Buying A Used Dirt Bike


Triumph Announces Electric TE-1 Motorcycle Project

How to Build 
an Ad Campaign Strategy Using News Trends

Taboola Trends can help you shape your auto ad campaigns elaborating on current strategies and proven creative techniques. Here are some results from the U.S. in July 2021.

Creative Trends: Images
Creative Trends: Videos
Creative Trends: Headlines

How do you supercharge your auto copy to grab buyers’ attention every time? Taboola’s Title Analyzer  shows the surprising result that price isn’t always the biggest driver for CTR. The electric vehicle trend is reinforced in the result below, but safety is the top characteristic of this test.

Try out your own messages to identify what resonates with car buyers right now. These results are for the US in June 2021.

The Lastest Cars at the Lowest Prices
Available in Electric, Hybrid and Petrol Models
The Best Safety Record for Any Car in it’s Class


Putting Trends Into Action

Putting all these trends together, here are a few examples of what a high-performing ad might look like.
Safety Record Auto

The Best Safety Record for Any Car in it’s Class

Auto Brand

Available in Electric, Hybrid and Petrol Models

Auto Brand

Don’t Miss These Deals on Used Cars

Auto Brand

Taboola Products to Fuel Your Black Friday Campaigns

We’ve compiled the top products and strategies marketers like you can use to shape campaigns during high-performing seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
These strategies can help you elevate your message and encourage users to take action after they visit your website.

Video ads

Static images

Descriptions and calls to action (CTAs)

Repurposing social media content

A/B test multiple creatives with Taboola’s expedited learning, which lets our algorithm predict your highest-performing creative assets in less than 24 hours.
There’s no better way to learn someone’s interests than to learn about what they’re reading online. We’ve built a wealth of targeting solutions to connect audiences and brands, including:


SmartBid auto-optimizes your bids at scale. This tool does the heavy lifting for you, automatically identifying your ideal audience and adjusting your bids for the right opportunities. Fixed Bid lets you manually adjust your bids.

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Install the Taboola Pixel

The Taboola Pixel maximizes your ad performance by illuminating audience’s behaviors and the impact your ads are having. Discover new site visitors or interact with your content the way you expected.

Re-engage them with the help of customized click actions or targeting based on their time spent, length of sessions, or how far they’ve scrolled down a page.

Targeting Strategies

Implementing the Taboola Pixel will be beneficial for retargeting users:

Proven Results: These CAR Brands Saw Incredible Results with Taboola

Honda Australia Increases ‘Find a Dealer’ Searches on Taboola by 27%

Honda Australia wanted to connect car buyers with their local Honda dealership, so they used Taboola’s native advertising campaigns.

Their agency, Zenith Media, combined Audience Targeting and Retargeting, which resulted in a 27% increase in “Find a Dealer” searches on Taboola and a 291% increase in conversion rate with retargeting.

Mercedes-Benz Mexico Achieves Viewability Rate of 73% and CTR of 1.11% with Taboola
Mercedez-Benz Mexico desired to reach new audiences and increase qualified traffic around its A Class Sedan launch. They used Taboola video to promote the launch of the A Class with a native 60-second video to capture buyers’ attention. As a result of the campaign, they achieved a viewability rate of 73% and a CTR of 1.11%, plus a 42% video completion rate. The campaign generated 180,000 completed video views.

Start Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaign Today

It is never too soon to start planning for huge sales days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Key trends like electric vehicles and used vehicle sales are rising in the automotive sector. It has never been more important to keep on top of changing trends as the world emerges from the pandemic, and the standard rules don’t always apply.

Use Taboola’s suite of tools to identify the best creative trends to shape your ads and give them the best chance to be effective. Dive into our advertising solutions to take advantage of advanced contextual targeting, up-to-date audience targeting, and the effective delivery of compelling video content.

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