How Home Goods & Decor Advertisers Can Build an Informed Campaign Strategy Using Past & Present Trends

As the world opens up, shoppers are eager to get out, get online and find what they need to refresh, update, or create new looks at home – the place they’ve spent so much time in over the past year.

As a retailer in the home goods and decor space, you’ll want to get a leg up on the competition for 2021’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping events. And you’re in the right place.

We’re going to show how you can get started today, including:

Our 2020
trends & Predictions

During last year’s fall Amazon Prime Day, there was actually a slight decline in home goods of about -2%. This could be attributed to the heavier kitchen supplies and home decor traffic during the early spring days of the pandemic.

Here’s a quick overview of the Readership Trends we predicted leading up to Black Friday in 2020.

Home Office

Home Office Setup
Sales around home office furniture and setup for 2020 were expected to be strong based on buyer search behavior, such as a 91% increase in pageviews containing the word "desk".

Maximizing Space in the Home

Maximizing Space in the Home
As the world moved into lock-downs and more people stayed home, maximizing space became a priority. For example, our data showed a 111% increase in searches that included the word “basement."

Home Upgrades & Renovations
The lead-up time to 2020's Black Friday saw a 155% increase in pageviews for the word "furniture," indicating a potentially huge demand for residential furniture.

More Super-Saturday Shoppers

More Super-Saturday Shoppers
In December 2020, the National Retail Federation (NRF) reported a record 150 million U.S. consumers planned to shop on Super-Saturday, the last shopping Saturday before Christmas. According to NRF data, 20% of shoppers bought home decor or home-related furnishings over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Huge Gains for

prime day

Truth be told, 2020 was a strange year all around, and Black Friday & Cyber Monday were no exception due to the pandemic.

One oddity was the timing of Amazon Prime Day 2020, which was held in October, just one and a half months before Black Friday. And since 2020’s Prime Day occurred in the autumn, during a year when no one wanted to hit retail shopping spaces, reviewing shoppers’ online behavior for that event more accurately indicates potential behavior for this year’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping behavior in the home goods and decor departments. In fact, according to Digital Trends, in 2020, Amazon’s Prime Day reported its highest-ever revenue totals during an event.

(Note: Amazon Prime Day 2021 was held in early June, so don’t worry about losing holiday sales to Amazon during an autumn Prime Day.)

What We Predict Will Be Popular This Year

In 2021, the numbers suggest the trend towards increased DIY and home improvement will continue. As of June 16, Home Depot has seen 4 million pageviews in the previous 90 days, and earlier in the year also recorded stronger revenue and 1st quarter earnings.

With strong real estate figures continuing through 2021, it’s safe to say consumers will be looking for items to personalize their new homes through the fall and winter seasons.

Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies predicts the annual spending on renovation and repair to increase from $332 billion to $337 billion in 2021.

We predict reclaimed wood projects and decorate homes with rich fabrics, bright colors, and nostalgic “cottage core” furnishings and accessories to become increasingly popular as consumers look for alternative ways to create the look they want without costly renovation or lumber bills.

News Trends for Black Friday in the Home Goods & Decor Category

Repurposing and updating old furniture and building materials will become popular this year as the rapidly increasing lumber prices turn the focus on DIY away from projects needing new lumber.

A maximalist approach means consumers are mixing and matching patterns to create warm, inviting homey spaces, according to the Homes and Gardens site.

Interest in creating inviting home office space has extended beyond career professionals sent home during the pandemic. A recent Architectural Digest article suggests more new graduates need home office space and technology as they work from home for their first post-grad jobs.

According to Taboola’s Newsroom data, which includes the top US news trends in the real estate category from January 1, 2021 to June 9, 2021, readers are still educating themselves, even with the pandemic coming to an end, on buying and selling homes. The migration to the suburbs is here to stay. Readers are also interested in resources, including HGTV, which remains popular for fixing their pads pre-sale.

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How to Build 
an Ad Campaign Strategy Using News Trends

Creative best practices for home goods and decor ad campaigns in the US include some surprising trends in images, videos, and headlines.

Use the data to inspire your own 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad campaigns. Note: these are US Home results, pulled July 20th, 2021.

Creative Trends: Images
Creative Trends: Videos
Creative Trends: Headlines

Which of your headlines provides the best potential click through rates? Use the handy (and free) Taboola Title Analyzer to test them. This tool measures headline effectiveness when it comes to CTR on landing pages and blog posts.

Home DIY
Best Home
Furniture Trends
Best Paint Colors
for 2021


Putting Trends Into Action

Putting all these trends together, here are a few examples of what a high-performing ad might look like.
Best Paint Colors

Best Paint Colors for 2021

Home Goods & Decor Brand

Furniture Trends 2021

Home Furniture Trends You Need to Know

Home Goods & Decor Brand

DIY Home Projects

Home DIY Projects To Do With Your Partner

Home Goods & Decor Brand

Taboola Products to Fuel Your Black Friday Campaigns

We’ve compiled the top products and strategies marketers like you can use to shape campaigns during high-performing seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Video ads

Static images

Descriptions and calls to action (CTAs)

Repurposing social media content

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There’s no better way to learn someone’s interests than to learn about what they’re reading online. We’ve built a wealth of targeting solutions to connect audiences and brands, including:


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Install the Taboola Pixel

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Re-engage them with the help of customized click actions or targeting based on their time spent, length of sessions, or how far they’ve scrolled down a page.

Targeting Strategies

Implementing the Taboola Pixel will be beneficial for retargeting users:

Proven Results: These Home Goods & Decor Brands Saw Unimaginable Results with Taboola

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Start Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaign Today

Yes, the world is emerging from the lockdowns of the past year, and yes, Black Friday and the fall shopping season might seem very far into the future. Yet now is the time to anticipate shoppers’ needs and wants for Black Friday, so your brand is front and center when they’re ready to open their wallets.

As the numbers indicate, home goods and decor will once again be hot purchases when Black Friday rolls around. Now is the time to look for ways to incorporate these 2021 trends into your Black Friday 2021 ad strategy.