Black Friday & Christmas 2021: How Fashion & Beauty Advertisers Can Build an Informed Campaign Strategy Using Past & Present Trends

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season are one of the year’s most important retail milestones — especially for fashion and beauty retailers. To ensure marketers don’t miss out on sales and stay ahead of the competition, we dug into the most valuable trends, creative strategies, and targeting solutions that brands can use to get a head start on their campaign planning for Black Friday and Christmas 2021. We’re going to show how you can get started today, including:

Our 2020 Trends and Predictions

Fashion and beauty usually strong categories for end-of-year sales, but with people stuck at home and prioritizing essential purchases due to the pandemic in 2020, consumers were spending less on clothes, makeup, and accessories. According to Statista, fashion revenues in the UK in 2020 dropped by 9.7% compared to 2019.

Still, Taboola was able to pinpoint some niche readership trends across these verticals at the end of last year:

At home beauty

At-home beauty: The keyword “hair color" saw a pageview spike of 238%.


Self-care: The keyword “pedicure" saw a whopping 2,508% increase in pageviews.


Comfort: The keyword “sweatpants" saw a 632% increase in pageviews.

Overall trends also emerged from other industry sources, painting a clearer picture of how the 2020 holiday shopping season was predicted to unfold:

Huge Gains for Online Fashion Retailers

Now let’s look at how 2020 holiday shopping actually shaped up.

While both overall retail sales and fashion sales specifically dropped significantly in 2020, there was a sub-section of fashion retailers that thrived in the new normal.

Specifically, online-only fast fashion retailers such as  Boohoo,  ASOS,  In The Style and  Very.co.uk all reported like-for-like sales growth during the 2020 Christmas season. These retailers, which offer affordable clothing options and the convenience of online shopping and fast delivery, proved a popular choice for a mid-pandemic Christmas. Meanwhile, these brands’ high street competitors such as Primark, which famously does not have an online store, suffered drops in sales as high as 30%.

Interestingly, Cornwall-based retailer Seasalt, which specialises in durable clothing for the outdoors, also reported a 17% growth in sales as consumers invested in practical apparel for UK staycations and retreats to nature.

Like-for-like sales growth of clothing and apparel retailers during the Christmas period in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2020
Source: Statista

What We Predict Will Be Popular This Year

This year, some of those 2020 trends are expected to stick around and even increase in prevalence.
Unsere Trends für 2021

News Trends for this Holiday Season in the Fashion & Beauty Categories

For the fashion and beauty verticals specially, Taboola’s data from UK news content pulled from the start of the year until August 25th reveals high levels of readership around celebrity topics: it seems British consumers have their eye on the fashion and beauty choices of the likes of Kate Middleton, Amanda Holden and Khloe Kardashian.

Taboola Publishers That Support These Trends

red uk publisher

Red Online

This £34 dress looks a lot like Kate Middleton's designer version

marie claire - publisher

Marie Claire

Kim Kardashian's Best Selling SKIMS Pieces Are Having a Massive Restock

elle publisher


Billie Eilish Chopped Her Hair Into A Super Short Bob

How to Build 
an Ad Campaign Strategy Using News Trends

Advertisers can take advantage of trending news topics and build more effective and engaging campaigns by figuring out which types of ad creative their audience responds to most.

We pulled our Taboola Trends data in the UK fashion and beauty categories in August 2021 to discover which images, videos, and headlines drive the most clicks in these industries.

Beauty Creative Image Trends
Fashion Creative Image Trends
Creative Trends Video
Creative Trends Headlines

Use the Taboola Title Analyzer to find the best-performing titles for your campaign. It tests your headline options against each other to pinpoint the ones with the highest-predicted CTR.

It’s easy to see that “7 Beauty Tips for Self-Care Success” is expected to drive the highest CTR while “Need a Better Skin Routine? These Solutions Can Help” is down at the bottom with a low-predicted CTR.

Need a Better Skin Routine? These Solutions Can Help
Treat Yourself at Home with Hair Care Products
7 Beauty Tips for Self-Care Success


Putting Trends
Into Action

Putting all these trends together, here are a few examples of what a high-performing ad might look like.
7 beauty tips

7 Beauty Tips for Self-Care Success

Fashion & Beauty Website

les bons plans mode

Inside Amazon’s Best Retail Deals This Season

Fashion & Beauty Website

10 colorations cheveaux

10 DIY Colours to Try at Home

Fashion & Beauty Website

Taboola Products to Fuel Your Holiday Campaigns

We’ve compiled the top products and strategies marketers like you can use to shape campaigns during high-performing seasons like Black Friday and Christmas.

These strategies can help you elevate your message and encourage users to take action after they visit your website.
Taboola Produkte

Video ads

Static images

Descriptions and calls to action (CTAs)

Repurposing social media content

A/B test multiple creatives with Taboola’s expedited learning, which lets our algorithm predict your highest-performing creative assets in less than 24 hours.
There’s no better way to learn someone’s interests than to learn about what they’re reading online. We’ve built a wealth of targeting solutions to connect audiences and brands, including:

SmartBid auto-optimizes your bids at scale. This tool does the heavy lifting for you, automatically identifying your ideal audience and adjusting your bids for the right opportunities. Fixed Bid lets you manually adjust your bids.

Learn more about Taboola’s bidding strategies here.


Install the Taboola Pixel

The Taboola Pixel maximizes your ad performance by illuminating audience’s behaviours and the impact your ads are having. Discover new site visitors or interact with your content the way you expected. Re-engage them with the help of customized click actions or targeting based on their time spent, length of sessions, or how far they’ve scrolled down a page.

Targeting Strategies

Implementing the Taboola Pixel will be beneficial for retargeting users:

Proven Results: These Fashion & Beauty Brands Saw Unimaginable Results with Taboola

Sportswear giant Adidas needed to increase awareness for its new BOOST footwear technology and distinguish it from its legacy product lines. They leveraged Taboola Video to share content at scale across premium publisher websites — with overlaid CTAs that enticed viewers to click and convert.

Adidas saw a 50% uplift in CTR and 25% higher CTR than other video platforms. The black men’s model of the BOOST footwear presented in the video also became a best-seller as a result.

Tech beauty startup eSalon offers custom-blended hair color for at-home application. With such a unique product, the brand was eager to spread awareness and reach just the right customers who might be interested in what they have to offer.

eSalon used Taboola’s expansive Data Marketplace to segment and target highly engaged audiences. The brand also leveraged Taboola’s storytelling platform to reach those readers with organic, long-form content about its offerings.

As a result, eSalon grew by 15X since working with Taboola, acquiring tens of thousands of new customers and increasing CTR by 53%.

Start Your
2021 Holiday Campaign Today

In 2020, consumers started their holiday shopping as early as October, proving that it’s never too soon to start your seasonal campaign planning. Advertisers need to be ready with the outreach strategies and creative content they need to make their messages heard.

Just remember to stay on top of emerging trends, make data-backed decisions, and access the right tools and platforms to fuel your campaigns through the end of 2021 and beyond.