GA4 Masterclass:
What Marketers Need to Know Now

This year, Google will replace Universal Analytics with GA4, a completely redesigned analytics system built for a mobile-first cookieless world. Big changes are coming. Are you ready?

During our Live masterclass on April 19th at 11 AM EST / 4 PM BST, Taboola experts will explain everything performance marketers need to know about GA4, with a focus on how to use the new data-driven attribution model to gain deeper insights into your customer journey and maximize the impact of your marketing activity.

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Say Hello to GA4:
The Future of Analytics

In this masterclass, we’ll discuss:

Universal Analytics vs. GA4

Learn the key differences, including how data is collected, how privacy is being addressed, and the new meaningful metrics being introduced.

The Attribution Revolution

Understand how to track what matters to get insights from your analytics reports and make more informed marketing decisions.

Switching to GA4

Learn how to migrate to GA4 with an easy-to-follow checklist and the best practices for configuring GA4.

Live Q&A

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Meet the Experts

Adam Yosilewitz

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Taboola

Adam started his marketing career over a decade ago, managing the marketing for several startups. He's worked with various analytics platforms during his career and loves to uncover stories encrypted in data. He's in charge of training Taboola's product and sales teams on the shift to GA4, and he's excited to share his knowledge with you.

Yoav Shaham

Google Analytics Implementation Expert, Taboola

Yoav is leading the company's data migration to GA4. With years of experience helping clients overcome marketing data challenges, Yoav is passionate about leveraging data to gain insights and is always happy to speak with anyone looking to find new ways to optimize their marketing strategies.

Privacy, Measurement
& Automation Fuel the Shift to GA4

Privacy-First Solution

GA4 designed for stricter data privacy laws and a cookieless world

Holistic Insights

GA4 provides cross-device data and new metrics for tracking engagement

Advanced Analytics

GA4 uses machine learning to deliver insights despite cookie opt-outs and ad-blockers

Set Yourself Up for Success with Taboola's GA4 Masterclass:
What Marketers Need to Know Now