Post-Click Strategies
for Performance Campaigns

You already use insights and data to create compelling ad campaigns, but do you rely on data and proven strategies to design a powerful post-click experience that inspires consumers to convert?

Learn how to master the post-click experience and turn clicks into customers during our live webinar Post-Click Strategies for Performance Campaigns on May 30 at 11 AM EST / 4 PM BST.

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Optimize the Post-Click Experience and Drive Consumers to Action

During the free webinar, we’ll cover:

Copy That Converts:

Discover the 5 content formulas proven to inspire audiences, increase engagement and build trust in your brand or product.

Design Better Pages:

Learn how to use design to create a post-click experience that increases performance and captures more leads and conversions.

Fuel the Funnel:

Get tips on creating the right funnel based on your marketing objective; we'll provide insights for lead generation, purchases, app installs, and more funnels.

Test with Intention:

Find out what, when and how to effectively test your post-click experience so you can create one that resonates with your audience.

Live Q&A:

Get expert answers to your questions and walk away smarter.

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Meet the Experts

Eliane Limon

Creative Service Expert at Taboola

Eliane joined Taboola's Creative Shop early on and helped transition the team from a small white-glove agency within Taboola to a 24/7 tailored client service that enables major brands and agencies to engage with targeted traffic and achieve higher ROI. She uses funnel optimization expertise and creative strategies to help advertisers optimize their performance campaigns and succeed in today's challenging climate.

Chris Georghiou

Team Lead - Performance Brands at Taboola

Chris has been in the digital industry for over 13 years, holding various sales, account manager, and leadership roles. During that time, he honed his skills in developing acquisition strategies for brands in multiple verticals and across diverse geolocations, consistently exceeding targets. For the last three and half years, he has used his expertise and strategic thinking to help Taboola clients optimize their performance efforts and drive business forward.

Take Users on the Right Journey
to Maximize ROI

Your brand’s revenue is directly tied to the success of the post-click experience. Optimizing those moments for conversions by combining persuasive content with data-backed design makes it easy to surpass your brand’s goals and achieve results like these:

+ 53% CTR


7.8x ROAS


+25% CVR

888 Holdings

Master the Art of the Post-Click Experience
with Our Proven Strategies

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