Re-engaged users are 70% more likely to convert than first time website visitors.

What is audience re-engagement?

Audience re-engagement is a campaign strategy which allows you to specifically target users that have clicked on your ads, abandoned the funnel or have visited your site or are already loyal customers that you would like to target with new offerings.

This strategy is used to drive potential customers further down the purchase funnel and convert them. 

Why re-engage your website visitors?

Using traditional targeting on Taboola, you are prospecting new audiences to discover your brand or products for the first time.

By implementing audience re-engagement as part of your overall strategy, you’re also able to continually engage people who have previously shown interest in your brand with a specific call-to-action or message — driving them closer to the point of conversion and helping your marketing spend work harder as a result.

"Website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 70%"

Re-engagement campaigns vs prospecting campaigns



50 %
Conversion Rate​
1 %
Cost Per Acquisition
100 %

3 steps to Activate Successful Retargeting

  1. Ensure re-engagement headlines are focused on the conversion point or action that you want your audience to take. Language such as; ‘still time to capitalise off our seasonal offers’ or ‘buy now to get free delivery on all trainers’.

  2. Ensure your CPC is high enough to win bids on this valuable, smaller pool of users that have already engaged with your brand. Because of higher conversion rates with this audience, advertisers usually see success by increasing their CPCs on these campaigns by 2x their prospecting bids.

  3. When setting up a re-engagement campaign in Campaign Management, using the ‘My Audience’ section, ensure you are targeting all website visitors and excluding previous converters.


The scale of your campaign will be dependent on your site traffic from all channels including organic traffic and we tend to find this strategy to be complementary to your prospecting activity. On average, you can expect the spend to be up to 20% of your overall Taboola budget.

Don’t worry if your audience seems small at the beginning, this will grow over time. We often see good performance once the audience reaches 5,000 daily users. Make sure to set your lookback window to a long enough period to capture your users throughout their entire consideration phase; the maximum length is 180 days.

Case Study

Torque Detail lowers their CPA by 50% with retargeting campaign.

Torque Detail, a high-quality car detailing service, began their advertising journey with search and social, but were looking for an alternative traffic source. This is when they found Taboola, and the partnership was an immediate success. With CPA goals in mind, retargeting made sense as a feature for Torque Detail to implement. 

With Taboola retargeting, advertisers can increase campaign performance by creating targetable audiences used to re-engage site visitors and tell a story through continuous user engagement with sequential messages and action-driving creatives. Implementing retargeting helped Torque Detail further tell their story to interested potential customers, and it led them to 50% lower CPAs.