​​SMB Publisher interview process

Discover interview stages, SMB Publisher principles, assessment, and tips. Advanced stages may include office visits for culture.

Our SMB Publisher Organization:

We aim to create an efficient inside sales organization driving significant revenue while fostering top talent. Our vision is to empower small and medium publishers on the open web to thrive.

SMB Publisher Organization Principles:


Ensuring highest quality services globally, regardless of customer location.


Adding continuous value to Taboola through operational excellence and efficiency.

Be an Expert

Demonstrating expertise and leadership at every interaction, showcasing Taboola's industry knowledge.

Customer Centric

Prioritizing partner and customer needs, aiming to exceed expectations and create SMB publisher opportunities.

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Hiring Process:

Our meticulous process assesses fit, expertise, and cultural alignment, ensuring the right match for both candidates and Taboola.

HR Interview

Assesses cultural and environmental compatibility. Explores past work experiences, projects, motivations.

30 minutes

Hiring Manager Interview and test

Assesses fit, discusses experiences, KPIs, tech alignment, and evaluates “be an expert” principle through self-learning, tech skills, problem-solving, and creativity.

1 hour 15 mins

Cross Functional Interview

Evaluates “globalization” and “customer-centric” principles. Considers communication, collaboration skills with key partners.

45 minutes

Onsite presentation and interview

Evaluates customer facing, live problem solving skills, sales and commercial skills in a role play scenario; this is usually a 15 to 20 mins interactive presentation plus a Q&A session after.

1 hour 15 mins

Final Interview

Analyzes fit to group, challenges, stakeholder collaboration. Explores how the applicant builds relationships. Explores personal aspirations, technical suitability, and provides a forum for any remaining questions.

45 minutes

Tips for the interviews:

Highlight Teamwork

Show problem-solving skills. Be concise and structured.

Project Examples

Prepare to discuss important projects: process, results, successes, and failures. We recommend using the STAR interview method!

Mutual Conversation

Ask for clarification,
drive towards solutions.

Highlight Teamwork

Share examples of teamwork, leadership, and ownership.

Research Taboola

Demonstrate industry and company knowledge. Show motivation.

Clarify Selling Points

Clearly state reasons for wanting to join Taboola.

Familiarize Yourself

Explore Taboola’s Services:
Research and understand the different aspects of Taboola’s offerings.

Social Media Engagement

Follow Taboola on social media platforms for deeper insights and updates.

Remote Interview Tips

Create the Right Environment:

Set up a quiet, professional space with proper lighting and no distractions.

Technical Readiness:

Ensure stable internet, functional audio, webcam, and minimize browser tabs.

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