Taboola Parents Working from Home

Tips and helpful links for Taboolars with kids at home during Coronavirus

For Parents

Download the free e-book “How to create an environment where your child will listen to you” www.parentyourhappychild.com

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For Kids

Download and print our Taboola Coloring Book for a cool activity to occupy your kids. 

Send us pics of the final results and we’ll share with everyone!

Tips from our Taboola Parents

Talia Gold, Geo Marketing Bangkok

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Leonid Tsytrinbaum, Business Intelligence Tel Aviv

Planning your work week and work day schedules ahead of time together with your partner can be the solution and make working remotely a lot easier. Much like “flattening the curve”, just think about it as “flattening your calendars”.

Marina Gandlin, Algo Tel Aviv

Tip #1: Easy and creative kids craft: Use two toilet paper rolls to create a binocular. You can also paint them and tie a string. Use the new binoculars to look at things from your window. You can ask your kids to spot stuff by colors, spy on the neighbors etc. 

Marina Gandlin, Algo Tel Aviv

Tip #2: When your toddler wants to work like mommy, get him an old keyboard and let him tear the keyboards apart, then teach him how to place them back (even better if older siblings can do that).

Chai Patel, Media Account Management Bangkok

Tips: Give time to kids at regular intervals just for 15 mins 2 to 3 times a day while working hours. Try to have lunch with kids.
Reason: Kids don’t feel that parents don’t give them time or ignore them.


Kristy Sundjaja, People Operations

“When possible connect on audio using earphones and multitask home activities such as baking for example”.

Yochai Uliel, Demand Growth Tel Aviv

Set two fixed times a day for meals: breakfast and lunch and block that time off in your calendar. All the kids together – the big guy helps to prepare the food (and makes it as fancy as possible).

This became the main anchor of the day for all of us and we enjoy shared time we never get on normal days.


Miri Bar Nathan, Employer Branding & Internal Comms Tel Aviv

Tip: Kids love to play dress up and can stay busy for hours putting on different disguises. Find some old hats, clothes and accessories and let your kids get creative. 

Keeping the Kids Occupied

Scholastic Learn at Home

Watch the Monterey Bay Aquarium

National Geographic for Kids

Indoor Activities for Kids

Online Enrichment Programs

Science for Kids