Taboola's New Products for Advertisers

Join us on October 10th, 2023, at 11 AM ET / 3 PM UTC, when we’ll reveal how our latest products, features and solutions will elevate your advertising campaigns and drive exceptional results.

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Discover the Latest Additions to Taboola's Advertiser Toolbox

You'll learn all about:

How Taboola's new partnership with Yahoo drastically expands advertisers' access to new audiences and ad placements

Best practices for using our latest automated bidding strategy, Maximize Conversions, which delivers predictable performance at scale and faster than ever

How to use our game changing Generative AI for Ads tool to effortlessly create highly effective campaigns

Meet the Experts

Eyal Pincu

VP of Product

Eyal heads Taboola’s Advertising Product team, developing and delivering innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the competition. He is passionate about technology and driven to deliver results for our clients.

Katherine Pickles

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Based in London, Katherine is a seasoned Taboolar who utilizes her prior experience as an Enterprise Account Manager in her role in Product Marketing. Her unique expertise in optimization solutions, bidding strategies and advanced tracking techniques enable her to drive success for Taboola’s advertiser clients.

Kim Feeney

Product Marketing Manager
Kim is a NYC-based Global Product Marketing Manager who leverages her extensive advertising and digital marketing expertise to lead Taboola’s Ad Experience product track. Her career spans Conde Nast and CBS Local Digital Media roles, demonstrating her ability to bridge product development.

Shannon Lubman

Advertising Account Manager
Shannon is an Advertising Account Manager who works with enterprise advertisers across various verticals to help them achieve their KPI goals on the Taboola Ads network. She helps drive results for advertisers through her deep understanding of Taboola’s innovative solutions and her experience working across multiple marketing channels.

3 New Opportunities Leading to 1 Incredible Result:

Improved Campaign Performance

Find the Right Audience

Taboola & Yahoo's partnership gives advertisers the ability to reach 900M+ monthly users with new, high-performing ad placements across all Yahoo properties, including Yahoo mail, desktop, mobile web and mobile app.

Use the Right Creative

Our Generative AI for Ads tool is built with advanced AI technologies and Taboola's Secret Sauce, so you can easily create original and captivating ads that automatically align with data-driven best practices, utilize dynamic keywords and follow content policies for quicker approval.

Get Performance at the Right Price

Maximize Conversions simplifies and automates bidding optimization, enabling you to get as many conversions as possible while lowering CPA. Plus, a faster learning phase means you'll see more immediate results.

Supercharge Your ROI and Reach Your Performance Goals Faster