Maximize Native Ad Performance Across the Funnel

Have questions about maximizing the impact of native ad campaigns across your marketing funnel? We’ve got a panel of industry experts ready to answer them!

Join us for a LIVE Q&A session on March 28th at 4 PM BST / 11 AM EST, when the only item on our agenda is answering YOUR pre-submitted native advertising questions.

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There’s always something new to learn from colleagues and experts alike. This is a unique opportunity to get direct answers about optimizing any aspect of native ad performance across the entire marketing funnel.

Meet the Experts

Suzi Adan

Senior Account Manager at Taboola

Suzi is an expert in native advertising with 9 years of experience in client relations. Suzi has a proven track record of delivering successful native advertising campaigns and building strong client relationships. She is also passionate about DEI and heads up Taboola's ERG group TaboolaInCulture which is committed to promoting a more inclusive workplace and industry.

Nadim Kuttab

Founder of Xevio Agency

As a media buyer, Nadim launched thousands of native campaigns, efficiently and effectively scaling them into 8-figure spends. Using all that experience, he co-founded 6H Agency with a mission to become the largest native ad agency worldwide, already earning a double-digit share of the German market. He knows exactly what it takes to run ultra-successful native performance campaigns.

Jacob Romine

Chief Revenue Officer at Stringo Media

Jake has been a partner with Stringo Media for almost 9 years. Stringo Media has focused on native advertising since its inception. Stringo Media has managed over $500M in client budgets, mostly in native and social platforms.

Use Native Ads to Drive Results
Across the Marketing Funnel

Brand Awareness

In the first phase, the goal is to introduce your brand or product to as many relevant potential customers as possible, driving traffic to an asset that helps them discover more about you.


In this stage, aim to engage users more and build trust to capture qualified leads, usually by providing them with something of value in exchange.


In the final phase, you want to push consumers to purchase by highlighting why they should choose your product or brand over a competitor.


In the last stage, focus on increasing engagement and building loyalty by retargeting users with personalized follow-ups and additional recommendations to boost customers' lifetime value (LTV).

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