Boost Your Q4 Campaigns with Yahoo and Taboola

Is your Q4 plan looking a lot like last year? Looking to boost your targets?

Learn how to take advantage of the scale, reach and performance available with Yahoo and Taboola’s combined native advertising solution.

Maximizing Campaign Success:
Unlocking the Benefits of the Yahoo-Taboola Partnership

What you’ll learn about in this webinar:

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Meet the Speakers

Allan Chuate

Strategic Solutions Director, Yahoo

Allan has over 20 years of digital marketing experience and supports Yahoo’s top native advertisers. He leads a group of solution managers that work with account teams and advertisers to help them achieve their marketing objectives.  Allan’s team offers guidance on bidding, supply, feature and format strategies/opportunities.

Justin Kelly 

Global Director of Partner Operations, Taboola

Justin serves as a front-line architect and leader for priority operational initiatives run by Taboola’s Global Strategic Partnerships Team. His work facilitates both internal and external unification of knowledge, workflows, and projects among Sales, Product, Support, Account Management, and Finance Departments. 

Scaling Success:
Learn How to Harness the Power of the Yahoo-Taboola Partnership

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