Who should
you target?

Marketers often believe they know their target audience based on the results from their search and social media ad campaigns. The truth is, people don’t behave the same way on the open web as they do on these platforms, so you shouldn’t copy and paste exactly who you’re targeting on Facebook and Google and expect the same results.

Nothing is more convincing or affirming than objective data, which Taboola can provide. What if the data revealed the most engaged audience has traits that were never considered or campaigns appearing alongside content that wasn’t thought of as contextually relevant performed the best?

For example, Mack Weldon, a Modern Menswear brand, turned to Taboola when looking for a channel to acquire new customers cost effectively. To their surprise, Taboola’s Data Marketplace revealed that targeting women and sites about women’s issues worked well. With Taboola Mack Weldon achieved a 39% increase in conversion rate and thousands of new customers per month.


Don’t assume you know who will respond to your campaigns and which sites those audiences are on; let our data do the talking. To truly understand which audiences and sites you should be targeting, start with broad targeting and optimize based on campaign data. On Taboola, you can target by demographics, behavioral interests, and past activity of certain groups of people, or you can select certain websites to run your ads on.

Here’s a targeting and optimization flow we recommend for a month-long campaign:

Once your campaign starts receiving clicks, you can retarget and re-engage users that have spent a significant amount of time on your website, but haven’t converted yet, using Taboola’s Attentive Audiences.


You’re rich in data!
Now test these Taboola segments
to zero in on the right people.

Our data marketplace includes data from leading data providers and data of our own.

Try testing some of these segments in your next campaign:

  • Interest > Finance
  • Interest > Investing
  • Interest > Finance > Investments > Personal >  Investments
  • Behavior > Shopping > Loans
  • Finance & Money > Loans
  • Finance & Money > Insurance
  • Finance & Money > Financial Services
  • Financial > Credit Card Holder
And many, many more!
Use Taboola’s contextual targeting capabilities to reach relevant audiences in a cookieless world.


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