Are your campaigns creative enough to cash in on consumers?

Creating educational pieces of text-based content might be your go-to strategy for reaching financial consumers, but there may be a better way to captivate your audience.

Video, for example, is a more interactive and visually engaging format that’s built to grab consumers’ attention and tell a dynamic story. As eMarketer reported, digital video viewership passed 3 billion people worldwide in 2020, outpacing pre-pandemic expectations, and it’s expected to reach nearly 3.5 billion by 2023.

Food bloggers and beauty retailers aren’t the only ones who can embrace the power of video, either. Finance advertisers can use video, too, such as to illustrate market trends and break down key features of their products and services.

A/B test multiple creatives with Taboola’s expedited learning, which lets our algorithm predict your highest-performing creative assets in less than 24 hours.

Taboola’s Creative Shop, advertiser campaign data, and trends data merged together provide all the intel you’ll need to design a winning financial campaign. Don’t believe us? We’ll put our money where our mouths are…


You’re rich in data!
Now test these Taboola segments
to zero in on the right people.

Motion Ads use short looped videos or GIFs to help your campaigns stand out in Taboola Feeds. They perform exceptionally well for consideration or conversion goals and offer improved clickthrough rates (CTRs) and conversion rates (CVRs), and lower cost per sales (CPSs) and cost per actions (CPAs.)

Our US-based data* shows that video content outperforms photo and text content, making it the ideal format to gain customer attention.

*Data pulled February 6, 2022, and representing a 30-day period
Implement these video ad best practices and start cashing checks.
Make sure your video is exciting and will capture your audience’s attention. Our data reveals these are the best practices to follow:
  • Video Length: Less than 30 seconds. Keep it short with a clear message.
  • Optimize for Sound Off: Include subtitles for a non-intrusive experience.
  • Logo: Add your brand logo on the top left corner.
  • Call to Action (CTA) Button: Either place it on the bottom right corner, showing it 3-5 sec after the video starts, or add an End Card with more info and a CTA.
  • Optimize by Platform: Use a 16:9 ratio for desktop and a 1:1 ratio for mobile.
  • Added Value: Include a title and description below your video to provide additional context and info to the user.
  • A/B Test: When possible, we always recommend testing 2 versions of your ad to optimize for a better result.
What do finance fanatics want to watch?

In addition to those best practices, including specific video characteristics, like people in action or winter scenes, can increase your video viewability and completion rates.

Taboola’s US data* across all verticals reveals the following video trends:

*Data pulled March 11, 2022, representing a 30-day period


All Platforms, All Durations, Viewability: For best viewability across all platforms, no matter the length of your video, consider removing furry friends from your videos.

No Animals


Viewability Rate

Desktop, All Durations, Viewability: For desktop campaigns, increase viewability by including people stretching.



Viewability Rate

Mobile, All Durations, Viewability:  Increase viewability of mobile video campaigns by making them text-free.



Viewability Rate

Tablet, All Durations, Viewability:  To increase the viewability of tablet campaigns, choose videography over illustrations.



Viewability Rate

All Platforms, All Durations, Completion: For video ads running on all platforms of any length, consider integrating sports content for video completion.



Completion Rate

Desktop, All Durations, Completion: Boost desktop video ad completion rates by showing people eating.



Completion Rate

Mobile, All Durations, Completion: For mobile campaigns, increase completion rates with videos that feature marriage scenes.



Completion Rate

Tablet, All Durations, Completion:  Improve tablet campaigns by including people in the video.



Completion Rate



All Platforms, 6-second, Viewability:  For these short videos, using colorful video content has a higher viewability rate.



Viewability Rate

All Platforms, 6-second, Completion: Using winter scenes can increase completion rates.



Completion Rate



All Platforms, 15-second, Viewability: Boost viewability for 15-second campaigns by including food.



Viewability Rate

All Platforms, 15-second, Completion: Increase completion rates by showing someone reaching new heights.



Completion Rate



All Platforms, 30-second, Viewability:  For your 30-second videos, increase viewability by including scenes with air travel.



Viewability Rate

All Platforms, 30-second, Completion:  Improve video completion rates for these campaigns by featuring cars in motion.



Completion Rate

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