Taboola powers recommendations for the Open Web. Our technology enables publishers to monetize their audiences and maximize editorial engagement. Powered by artificial intelligence, Taboola’s recommendation engine analyzes hundreds of signals to match audiences with content they may like. Our extensive dataset is built from context and user behavior across thousands of digital properties and millions of clicks on recommendations.

Revenue generated from clicks on sponsored content is shared with our partners to allow them to continue providing free journalism on the open web. By recommending editorial content, Taboola helps publishers to build user loyalty and drive site engagement.

We have gathered all the necessary information to help you get started. Here you can learn about the Taboola codes, tracking your performance, best practice recommendation features and Taboola’s payment system.


To integrate Taboola units onto your site, you need to insert Taboola’s Javascript into your pages. All publishers receive their code emails when they start working with us. 

To learn more about what our codes do, how to implement them and other technical requirements to maximize your revenue, please click the button below.


Our extensive performance monitoring platform – Backstage holds all the information about your Taboola performance.

In order for your website(s) to perform as expected, we ask that the below content Taboola recommendations are implemented directly below the end of your articles.

Here are the key metrics we suggest you monitor and aim to improve.

Page Views

When a user enters a page where a Taboola unit is implemented, we record a single Page View. The unit itself doesn’t need to be viewed by the user for us to count a Page View.


Revenue per 1,000 Page Views. This metric is the key indicator for revenue performance. We calculate this by multiplying the CTR by CPC (Cost per Click) and then by 1000.


CTR = 3.5%

CPC = $0.05

RPM = (0.035 x 0.05) x 1000 = $1.75


Click Through Rate is the percentage of clicks compared to overall page views. Encouraging high CTR will help drive your RPM.


Page Views = 50,000

Ad Clicks = 1,000

CTR = (1,000/50,000) x 100 = 2%

RPM Icon

Visibility Rate

Tracks the percentage of page views where the Taboola unit becomes visible on the page. The higher your visibility, the higher the CTR. Your Below Article Feed should be at least 40%.


Page Views = 50,000

Views with Visibility = 30,000

Visibility Rate = (30,000/50,000) x 100 = 60%


Below Article - Feed

Taboola Feed maximizes the value of the below article area with a familiar continuous scrolling experience. The mix of Sponsored and Editorial content boosts RPM and keeps users on site for longer. We can personalize the Feed by inserting publisher units (such as comment boxes) into the scroll.

Below Article - Read More

The Read More solution engages users with additional content before they leave the page. By increasing the visibility of the Taboola Feed, we encourage less interested users to view other content. Users that wish to continue reading the article, simply tap the Read More button.

Sticky - Sponsored Content and Video

Monetise the sticky footer of the page with Sponsored Content or Video recommendations. These discreet but highly visible units generate revenue from users without them needing to complete your articles. Recommend your own content to generate additional page views.

Exit Recommendations

Re-engage referral users who return to their original sources. We can surface a page of mainly editorial content when a user clicks ‘back’ to their referral source. A great way to build loyalty and session depth.


Add in-article placements to meet specific goals. Taboola offers a range of content types and visual formats to help publishers generate additional value within the article.


Taboola’s seamless and regular payments system allows our partners to grow their businesses. 

Learn more about payments.


Advertiser Policy

In order to ensure high quality content appears on publisher properties, Taboola has a robust advertising policy. The Policy Enforcement Team of over 50 reviewers manually review content in 13 different languages. You can learn more about what content is prohibited and restricted, by visiting our Advertiser Policy Center

Publisher Policy

Taboola’s publisher policy prohibits certain types of content from being monetised on its network. This includes among other things, “fake news”, pornography, content that infriges third-party copyrights and criminal activity. View our Publisher Policies for more information. 

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